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The following blurb is pasted from my web site. I encourage you either to copy and paste it to your own site if you have one, or to refer students here if you'd like. - Geoff

Needing to find information that is local to Rapid City and South Dakota? You probably want to look through the Rapid City Journal, but at times, that can be frustrating. Here's how to do that search better.

Where to go

  • Use this link to head directly to the advanced search at the Rapid City Journal website. Enter your search and be sure to broaden the dates of your inquiry to a decent span of time.
    • The online editor at the Journal has said that "Using keywords, topics can be researched relatively effectively back until
      late 2000." That's good news for us.

Other Strategies

  • Another tip from Todd Williams, the online editor at the Journal, is to use Google to access the site: "The other practice that I use often is to use a standard Google search with the key word and rapid city journal."