This is a list of general tips and instructions on how to use a wiki. For the list of more advanced tips, head here.

Essential Skills

These are the things we learned in our wiki training. Many of them are demonstrated and explained on this page if you've forgotten.
  • Create a new page
  • Inserted a table of contents
  • Created headings
  • Created and manipulated bulleted lists
  • Create hyperlinks within the wiki and to outside websites
  • Uploaded and inserted files and images

Table of Contents

  • For any page, simply type two hard brackets - [[ - then toc then two more brackets - ]] at the top of the page and it will put all of the page's headings into the Contents according to the heirarchy you've created with heading sizes (see my Julius Caesar notes for an example).

Headings and Lists

  • Headings are very simple but make the design of the page easy to read and they're what makes your table of contents work.
  • Just click on the drop down menu and your selected line becomes that level of heading.
  • For help, Watch the video on Headings and Bulleted lists


How to insert a link

  • This video will show you how to insert a link in Wikispaces. If you don't like videos, you can use the Wikispaces help menu.

Wikispaces - Inserting a link from Mr. Sheehy on Vimeo.

Pictures and Files


This may be the key to making the content on this wiki site easy to find and access. Whenever you create a page, scroll all the way to the bottom and find a long, skinny box for tags.

For help on doing it, see the quick video on how to insert tags.


You then enter words that describe the content of the page you have created. For example, to the page I made for my Odysseus and me essay, I typed the following into that box: "essay,English 9,Odyssey" The entire phrase is a tag until I type a comma - the text after the comma is a new tag.

What this means is, If you then look to the "tag cloud" (group of tags) on the front page, you'll see these words there. Then you can click on "essay" and it will show you a list of every page on the wiki that is tagged with the word essay. This would enable me to find a great idea for an essay no matter where you entered it in the wiki. I might be looking for an essay for my English 11 class, but if you tagged the one you use for myth and symbol with "essay" I could stumble across it more easily.