Lesson ideas

This is an intro for the Hero's Journey. It is simplified and easy to follow. Here's how I approach this:
I just start by asking the students who some heroes are. This gets the dialogue going. We talk about why the hero is a hero. What makes them so?

Activities that worked

Students have the option of writing a heroes name on the board. Others may come up to the board and write details that show why or how the hero named is a hero. They do not have to defend the details.
Another option would be to just discuss these heroes orally or students can write individually then discuss.

I have students trace the hero's journey through various Greek myths and movies.

Lessons learned

Students begin to see heroes all around them; not just the super heroes they see on T.V.
They learn heroes go above and beyond common man, are brave and sometimes have immeasurable courage.

General Handouts