Quick Description

  • This is a picture and words guide to formatting a Works Cited page in Microsoft Word.


  • To spare some of my sanity while students put together their works cited.
  • To teach students a few of the nuances of working in Word

Original Context

  • I tried walking students through this process hoping to minimalize how many times I'd have to repeat myself, but it didn't work. I needed something they could look at without me there.
  • Students use Easybib and the citation at the bottom of the InfoTrac articles to make their works cited pages. Using those sources, this guide helps them go from a blank document to a properly formatted (MLA) works cited page.

Good parts

  • Students can ignore what they know and scan for what they don't.
  • I was able to say, "First, follow this guide. Then ask me questions."

You should know

  • If you want this page on your own classroom wiki, you can copy and paste the content of the entire page into your own.